After Instagram Challenge: Sophia Thomalla gets a Helene Fischer tattoo

After Instagram Challenge: Sophia Thomalla gets a Helene Fischer tattoo
01 Sep

It’s better not to challenge fans of Helene Fischer. Sophia Thomalla now feels this lesson in her own body – in the truest sense of the word. The actress started a Like-Challenge on Instagram and now has to get a tattoo of the hit star.

Sophia Thomalla would have thought twice about this: on Instagram, the “must-have-man” actress shared a picture in which she promised to have the face of pop star Justin Bieber tattooed for 100,000 likes. With 200,000 likes she would even opt for “Breathless through the night” singer Helene Fischer as a motive.

Not 24 hours later, the brand of 200,000 Likes was cracked – and the Fischer fans did their amusement in the comments announced. “It’s extremely risky to challenge Fischis,” says a follower.

Is Florian Silbereisen joining Helene Fischer?
But it could get even thicker, because Sophia Thomalla made more promises. With 500,000 Likes it should even be a tattoo of Helene Fischer, together with life partner Florian Silver Travel. The Instagram community at least seems determined wildly to achieve this even more.

“Helene and Florian for Sophia’s skin” and “500k we can do it,” it says. Just wait and see if the trigger of the tattoo challenge keeps its word. A proof photo of the new body jewelry for the industrious Instagram community should then surely follow.

Another star tattoo for Sophia Thomalla
The new celebrity tattoo would not be the first counterfeit of a star on Sophia Thomalla’s body. Finally, the left arm of the 28-year-old already adorns the face of her ex-boyfriend, Rammstein singer Till Lindemann.

Her first tattoo was made by Thomalla at the age of 17: the signature of Mama Simone Thomalla is also worn on her forearm.

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