Everyone against everyone and Putin against everyone

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Everyone against everyone and Putin against everyone
28 Jun

Half a million dead, 11 million people on the run: The war in Syria is in its seventh year and is a disgrace to the world. Two NATO partners are hostile to Turkey and America. This is what Russia is pleased with.

For me, Syria is a black hole into which all those who are engaged in war and who do not want peace fall into it. They may still be so convinced that they are the masters of the action: I do not know how they could come out, because they are sucked into this black hole like electromagnetic waves.

Do you still remember how it all started? In the Arab Spring with a peaceful demonstration against Assad, that was 2011, seven years ago. Harmless, comparatively, but not for the regime, which saw in the legitimate demands for more freedom a lese-majesty for which it practiced brutal retribution. That’s why Assad started the civil war against his people. Actually, a classic power struggle, but it did not stay that way. We are in the Middle East and there are always other countries that speculate on more influence and the weakening of the enemy, because there are plenty of enemies in this area. First they sent weapons, then volunteers and mercenaries. Above all, Iran with its militias and Hezbollah from Lebanon, which it finances.

11.3 million Syrians on the run
The civil war quickly turned into a proxy war, in which Turkey and Russia, the Gulf States and America soon joined. Each of them has his own interests. Among them is that everyone wants to harm everyone, the Russians the Americans, Turkey the Kurds, the Americans and Saudis Iran. It has long since become a by-product, whether Assad, who kills his people with poison gas, may remain President or not. Or how long the war is going to last, which has now probably cost half a million lives. Vladimir Putin occasionally calls peace negotiations, which are a joke, because they do not have in mind what it should be about: peace.

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