Rebel representatives indignantly announce departure

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Rebel representatives indignantly announce departure
12 Jun

Important rebel representatives do not even travel to the Syria conference in Sochi, Russia. Other rebels now refused to leave the airport. The reason: the logo of the conference.

The conference on the Syrian conflict in Sochi, Russia has started work. The consultations started on Tuesday with several hours late, because rebel representatives refused out of annoyance over the conference logo participation. The logo of the National Dialogue Congress shows only the official Syrian flag, not the flag used by the opposition.

Several rebel groups, after arriving in Sochi, refused to leave the airport after seeing the logo. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov phoned two times with his Turkish colleague Mevlut Cavusoglu, who was trying to retune the rebels, a Russian Foreign Ministry official said.

Also, pledges to switch off the light panels with the logo and to hide the logo, the approximately 80 rebels, politicians and opposition activists did not move to participate. Ultimately, these agreed only to be represented by Turkey, as Turkish sources said. In the afternoon, they wanted to return to Turkey by plane.

Heckling at opening speech
Lawrow’s inaugural address has been interrupted several times by interjections – both of disgruntled calls from Syrian oppositionists and the slogan “Long live Russia.” Lavrov read a letter from President Vladimir Putin in which he expressed his support for the UN continuing to lead the search for a political solution.

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