Why was Ed Sheeran absent from the Grammys?

Why was Ed Sheeran absent from the Grammys?
12 Aug

Twice Ed Sheeran was awarded a Grammy last Sunday – but the singer excelled with his absence. His statement on Instagram leaves much to be desired.

Many musicians dream about it: The Grammy Awards are among the most popular awards ceremonies in the industry. In 2016, Ed Sheeran was already twice happy about the coveted trophy.

His nomination in 2018 was probably not so important to the Englishman. The singer was missing at the event. The fact that he was honored again twice with the Grammy, he learned only a day later.

Grammys overslept?
In an Instagram post, the 26-year-old explains: “I woke up and got the message that I won two Grammys last night, thank you! This fluffy ball will perform the victory dance.” In the photo you can see a cat that seems to dance with some imagination.

The redhead did not even follow the music prize live. Apparently sleeping early was the more attractive option for Sheeran. As a true world star you can just deliver the prices directly to your home.

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